Friday, February 10, 2006

The Asian glance & my Sony HDR HC1

If you guys read my New Years blog you may recall my peeve about how most asian people will 99% glance at another asian even if they didn't know them at all, as if by some chance they did (seriously, do we all look alike?!?). In any case this happened to my friend while she was waiting for me at McGill. Some Asian guy who was walking towards her did the glance (a long one at that) and then continued on his way. Now the funny thing is that, when she was telling me this we stopped at a light to cross the street and this mini tour bus filled with Asians stopped right in front of us and I swear everyone starred at us as if they were surprised to see other Asians ("Yes we're yellow and wearing winter coats, and no we're not Inuit")...Some man and woman actually waved at to be nice I waved back while repeatedly saying in my head, "Why me..why me..??"...

Well after the Asian starring fiasco my friend and I went to Future Shop to buy my new Sony HDR HC1 camcorder, which we'll be using to film our Kinfit (video podcast) episodes. It was on sale for $400 off. We pretty much gave the salesperson the easiest sale of his life, walked in, told him I want to buy this and aurevoir...well sorta...he did try to sell me additional stuff and yada yada. I eventually agreed to take the 3 yr warranty only since he took off another $200 from the discounted price so I ended up getting $600 off on the camcorder, which is pretty good if you read the specs on it (I can film in Hi-Definition..wooooo). A friend of mine said if Kinfit doesn't work out we can go shoot porn and make millions haha. Anyhoo, I might test it out when I go play hockey Friday night...let's hope it doesn't get smashed by flying pucks on it's first field trip...


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