Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random blog - nifty gadgets

I seem to have stumbled upon bloggers block if there's even such a thing. Not much has really happened lately thats worth writing about and I don't have any updates about my in the works video podcast. Although I did somehow get mentionned in Glen's blog about sexual predators, not sure how or why but I find that hilarious. If Glen wants to make some big bucks we can go shoot some porn with my high def camcorder and sell it on DVD or the internet. It can be called "Glen's Shaggalicious House of Whores" haha.

So has any of you ever wanted to make your own "Sausage Egg McMuffin" at home but could never get the poached egg to cook into that disc shape properly like McD's or it was just too much of a hassle to even try? Well there's this really cool toaster called the "Egg and Muffin Toaster" that you can get at Walmart for $50 or so. I bought one back in January and yes it's really cool and it toasts your english muffin, cooks your egg in that disc shape and reheats your precooked sausage, ham or bacon all at the same time in separate compartments. Total cooking time is only 4 minutes! You can check it out on their official site and view the demonstration video that they have to see for yourself how easy and cool it is. I've been using that to make my breakfast for the past 2 months.

For those Star Wars fans out there like me (ya you guys know who you are), Master Replicas just released their Force FX Darth Maul doulble sided lightsaber ($119 US). Yes you read correctly "Double sided lightsaber"!! It comes out to about 7 ft long, and the cool thing is that it can actually break into 2 seperate battle damaged lightsabers like in the movie when Obi Wan cuts it in half. Check it out on their official website. If you're wondering what's so cool about a Force FX lightsaber, well its the closest thing to a real lightsaber.

Anyways I uploaded new pics on my Flickr photos page and posted/tagged some new links to some cool websites on my page so go check those out if you like and I'll leave you with ths funny video on YouTube that you can check out about white guys and asian girls called Yellow Fever. Asians will find this particularily funny...


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