Saturday, April 29, 2006

Star Wars Lego and Geek + Jock = "GOOK"

Many of my friends know I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans out there, so the fact that I collect Star Wars Lego wouldn't be much of a surprise to any of them (I even have a Force Fx lightsaber but I'll talk about that another day). I literally have a whole shelf full of Star Wars lego and if you had read my blog not too long ago about cool toys you would know that I have a lego version of Princess Leia in her skimpy bikini from the Jabba palace scene in ROTJ. At one point a friend and I thought about recreating a scene from one of the movies with my lego using a stop motion camera that Lego was selling at the time, but a lack of $$$ quickly ended that idea. Star Wars lego has become super popular, so much that they made 2 great video games out of it, Star Wars Lego (based on the Ep. 1-3) and the soon to be released sequal Star Wars Lego 2 (based on the original triliogy...YEEESS!!!). Although I haven't bought any in the past year or so I still have quite a collection dating back to my days in cegep and my main problem now isn't really a lack of shelf space but "dust". Trying to dust lego is just as annoying as trying to paint stucco walls, both are tedious to do and time consuming. This afternoon while watching hockey I actually sat down with a box of Q-tips and tried to clean in between the lego stubs, but after maybe 10 minutes I gave up. Not only was it ridiculously freakin hard but I was making more of a mess from sneezing every 2 seconds, so if anyone knows a better way to clean lego or to keep it relatively dust free please tell me. You can check out this nice CG mini movie made last year by Treehouse based on lego Star Wars called "Revenge of the Brick".

Today I also realized that I'm a "Gook", a hybrid of geek and jock. A smart jock though, not dumb jock. Dumb jocks are pin headed athletic buffoons that can't tell the difference between an orangutan and a cow or do grade 1 math. I in the other hand was an athlete who graduated in kinesiology from McGill with almost a 3.5 GPA. So what makes me part geek also? Well I love tech stuff & sci-fi/fantasy related stuff, I buy toys for fun, I have 80's cartoons and movies on DVD, Red Dwarf & Blackadder are hilararious, I read Spider-man comics, I can probably beat most of my friends in either Star Wars or hockey trivia, I have a 1:18 scale replica of the Delorean Time Machine, and heck I've even been to a Star Trek convention (I still don't consider myself a Trekkie though)....So if you're a hybrid like me then you're a "Gook" too.

Anyhoo, turns out my friend Tiffany and I will be going to Game 6 after all. Let's just hope this doesn't end up being the game that the Habs lose the series in. Oh and for those who still wanted our extra tickets we already sold them to friends last week. GO HABS GO!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Stanley Cup playoffs begins..Want tickets?

After suffering a whole year without NHL hockey, I am super duper excited and revved up for the NHL playoffs. The road to the Stanley Cup begins tonight, everything that happened in the regular season is's a whole new season where boy's become men, the pace gets faster, the hits get harder and the smallest mistake can cost you a shot at getting that coveted silver cup, the hardest trophy to get in all of sports. What's even better about this year is that the Toronto Maple Laughs (Leafs) didn't make it and so their Stanley Cup drought continues at 39 years...muahahaha..."67...67...67.." HAHA!

Meanwhile in Montreal you can literally feel the excitement in the air with the hometown Habs playing the Hurricanes tomorrow night in Carolina. Hockey is a religion here and everywhere you go you'll hear people talking about hockey, people wearing and waving Habs colours and randomly yelling out "GO HABS GO!". If there is anyone that doesn't follow hockey in this city they will have already been sucked into the excitement and jumped onto the bandwagon. By tomorrow night every single bar/restaurant with a tv will be packed with crazy hockey fans cheering for the Habs. It will be even more insane when game 3 and 4 comes to Montreal...

Luckily my friend Tiffany and I managed to get tickets to Game 6 this year, let's hope the Habs don't get pulverized and manage to play game 6 and pull off a miracle upset. For anyone who wants tickets she bought 4 extra tickets in the Blues and are looking for buyers. I can honestly say that you haven't been to a hockey game until you have gone to a "playoff"'s even more exciting and louder, especially when the hometeam scores & wins. So for anyone that hasn't gone this is your chance now, cause all 3 games in Montreal are SOLD OUT. Just give me a shout if you like to get any of the 4 tickets we still have....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chocoreto san mai kudasai

If anyone was wondering why there was no post last week it because I was busy stuffing myself with Easter chocolate (mmm...chocolate). Speaking of Easter, who actually celebrates Easter (I hear cricket noises)? I'm only asking cause my patients at work all asked me what I did for Easter and whether I celebrate it...which made me realize that I don't actually know anyone that actually celebrates Easter. For most of us it's just another holiday and an excuse to buy a pound of Cadbury chocolate mini eggs...

In other news, I got a whole new computer + 17" LCD monitor last weekend at Best Buy. I eventually settled on a HP AMD Athlon 3800+ 2.4GHz, which included 1GB of RAM, 200GB hardrive, nVidia 256MB GeForce video card (hoped it had a ATI Radeon instead), a DVD writer, a snazzy new keyboard and a bunch of USB and Firewire ports (front and back). So now I have the hardware to edit my videos I just have to wait to get the software (Premiere Pro 1.5 or 2.0 and After Effects) and learn how to use it before we go film our first episode, which will be soon..hopefully.

So right now all we have left to get is a tripod, a domain name and site to host our podcast (most likely Typepad). Right after we get those we'll finalize the structure of the show and hopefully shoot our first episode in late May or June, so stay tuned for more updates!

Anyhoo I discovered a site, " Flickr toys" where you can take your digital pictures and make all kinds of personal posters, movie posters, magazine covers, calendars and a bunch of other cool things with. They have 3 sizes you can choose from after you made it, 8x10 ($12), 11x14 ($14) & 16x20 ($30) and shipping is free. I personally like the movie poster option. You can check out a Motivation poster I made for fun while playing around on the site posted on my Flickr photos page.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wanna own your own town? & Chinese stereotypes

Wanna own your own town?
Originally uploaded by Michaeltron.
My friend Eric, who is the biggest fan of eBay I know (I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he got his girlfriend) sent me a link where someone was actually auctioning a small town (Bridgeville) in California. I thought that was pretty hilarious. The starting bid was $1 750 000.00! I took a screenshot of the page which you see above, posted on my flickr photos page.

Meanwhile another friend of mine, Yuju, sent me this funny video called "A Chink In The Armour" that talks about Chinese Stereotypes. You should definitely check it out. I must admit I thought the beginning and the end was hilarious. You'll know what I mean when you watch it, LOL.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd talk about Michael's (my friend, not me) cat Shadow, that had to be put to sleep this week cause it was sick (cancer). I was told he already lived past his life expectancy. He was the funniest cat I ever knew and I had known it since highschool. He was greyish, furry , had a flat face with his tongue sticking out all the time and no teeth, so when he ate he would just plant face first into his food. He would also try to attack you with his paws cause he didn't know he had no more claws hehe. I liked how he would just sit in front of the fridge and meow until he got fed, and I remember one time he kept meowing at me to follow him to the bathroom this day I still don't exactly know what he really wanted. Rest in peace Shadow...