Friday, April 21, 2006

Stanley Cup playoffs begins..Want tickets?

After suffering a whole year without NHL hockey, I am super duper excited and revved up for the NHL playoffs. The road to the Stanley Cup begins tonight, everything that happened in the regular season is's a whole new season where boy's become men, the pace gets faster, the hits get harder and the smallest mistake can cost you a shot at getting that coveted silver cup, the hardest trophy to get in all of sports. What's even better about this year is that the Toronto Maple Laughs (Leafs) didn't make it and so their Stanley Cup drought continues at 39 years...muahahaha..."67...67...67.." HAHA!

Meanwhile in Montreal you can literally feel the excitement in the air with the hometown Habs playing the Hurricanes tomorrow night in Carolina. Hockey is a religion here and everywhere you go you'll hear people talking about hockey, people wearing and waving Habs colours and randomly yelling out "GO HABS GO!". If there is anyone that doesn't follow hockey in this city they will have already been sucked into the excitement and jumped onto the bandwagon. By tomorrow night every single bar/restaurant with a tv will be packed with crazy hockey fans cheering for the Habs. It will be even more insane when game 3 and 4 comes to Montreal...

Luckily my friend Tiffany and I managed to get tickets to Game 6 this year, let's hope the Habs don't get pulverized and manage to play game 6 and pull off a miracle upset. For anyone who wants tickets she bought 4 extra tickets in the Blues and are looking for buyers. I can honestly say that you haven't been to a hockey game until you have gone to a "playoff"'s even more exciting and louder, especially when the hometeam scores & wins. So for anyone that hasn't gone this is your chance now, cause all 3 games in Montreal are SOLD OUT. Just give me a shout if you like to get any of the 4 tickets we still have....


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