Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Car anniversary, Mathesis puzzle box and my del.icio.us

Well today my car (Black 2005 Mazda 3 GS) officially turned 1 yrs old. I thought about going out and getting it washed and waxed and taking some nice pictures of it, but then I realized I washed it last week so it would be a waste of money (money that I need to pay for my super expensive camcorder for my video podcast) and I have my winter rims and tires on so it doesn't look as nice as if I had my 15" alloy rims on. Maybe when spring/summer time rolls along I'll take some nice pics then, so for now you can just click this link and check out reviews and pics identical to my car. After a year I can say that I am very pleased with it, it really is a cool car, semi-automatic transmission, good performance (148 HP), nice exterior and interior. No major accidents yet (thank god), although I do have slight scratches on the front and rear bumper caused by incompetent drivers/parkers...but luckly they're not noticable. I also have a paint chip on the left rear passenger door handle caused by some idiot who hit it with his car door at hockey, and some small little chips at the bottom of the car from highway pebbles..but again these aren't noticable either, so I've been lucky so far hehe...

Moving along now, my friend Geoff Brown (some of you from may remember him from high school) who graduated in Industrial Design decided to make some extra money by making and selling a project he did when he was at Dawson. It's called the Mathesis Puzzle Box...its pretty neat and is a really good gift to give someone. He already sold about a dozen but I was lucky enough to have gotten 2 for free (gave 1 to a friend) since I helped him buy and pick up wood one day. You can read all about it on his Official Website, his contact info is there too.

Finally I just like to mention that I added links to my del.icio.us page (a bookmarking page with all my favorite links/sites) and my Flickr photo album with all my digital pics of my recent adventures, so go check both of them out. Both Flickr and Del.icio.us are free so sign up and start your own accounts too!! Later!


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