Friday, September 08, 2006

Episode 6 and KinFit on YouTube!

Finally we were able to edit KinFit episode 6 at my friend Andrew's house on his Mac using iMovie, which meant we we were able to put in proper screenshots of stuff we were talking about. I have to say its probably our best episode up to date in visual terms and we're getting use to presenting in front of the camera, but we still want feedback from you guys to help us improve the show some more. In this episode we want you to keep your eyes open, if you do you'll notice something familiar in each segment...hehe...Anyhoo go check out Episode 6 and tell us what you think, its now in MPEG 4 format so you'll need Quicktime to watch it or if you don't want to download we have posted all the episodes on YouTube as well so you can watch/stream it immediately without having to wait for the download. Enjoy!


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