Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KinFit, CGI Ninja Turtles & Hard Gay...Hoooo!!

Episode 3 of KinFit has been posted and this week we talk about heat illness, exercising in hot humid weather and antioxidants in your food and why you need it. We filmed it at Lachine canal right behind Chateau St.Ambroise where my new work is at. Check out this weeks episode at

Wow, it seems like 2007 will be a great movie year. Just when I'm about to get all exicited about the next Spider-Man movie and the live action Transformers movie, it turns out that they are making a CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!! I loved the original cartoon back in the 80's and the original live action movie from the 90's. They have a teaser trailer out already and it looks great, even has that comic book feeling to it.

Here's a funny video below for everyone. It's a segment from a show called Bakuten in Japan where a comedian called "Hard Gay" goes out and helps a Ramen (noodle) restaurant owner get more business. There are tons of other Hard Gay videos on YouTube so go check those out as well, they're freakin hilarious!!
[Bakafish] Hard Gay Ramen English Subtitles


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