Wednesday, August 09, 2006

KinFit episode 4 and countdown begins!

Hi everyone, KinFit Episode 4 has been posted. We shot this episode at the Highland Games in Pierrefonds and you can see some of the stuff happening around us in this episode. The weather was super nice that day and we had tons of fun watching Scottish people throw big objects around and play bagpipes all day. Go check it out at and don't forget to leave us some comments or feedback!

Seeing how it's now August, I've begun the countdown to the start of the new NHL season and Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. The Habs start training camp in September and tickets should go on sale around the same time too, so get ready to buy some tickets early cause they sell out fast. Grey's Anatomy starts Sept. 21 and I can't wait to see what craziness Meredith and the gang get into this season and who actually left the show. Also, season 2 dvd will be out on Sept.12!!


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