Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wanna own your own town? & Chinese stereotypes

Wanna own your own town?
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My friend Eric, who is the biggest fan of eBay I know (I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he got his girlfriend) sent me a link where someone was actually auctioning a small town (Bridgeville) in California. I thought that was pretty hilarious. The starting bid was $1 750 000.00! I took a screenshot of the page which you see above, posted on my flickr photos page.

Meanwhile another friend of mine, Yuju, sent me this funny video called "A Chink In The Armour" that talks about Chinese Stereotypes. You should definitely check it out. I must admit I thought the beginning and the end was hilarious. You'll know what I mean when you watch it, LOL.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd talk about Michael's (my friend, not me) cat Shadow, that had to be put to sleep this week cause it was sick (cancer). I was told he already lived past his life expectancy. He was the funniest cat I ever knew and I had known it since highschool. He was greyish, furry , had a flat face with his tongue sticking out all the time and no teeth, so when he ate he would just plant face first into his food. He would also try to attack you with his paws cause he didn't know he had no more claws hehe. I liked how he would just sit in front of the fridge and meow until he got fed, and I remember one time he kept meowing at me to follow him to the bathroom this day I still don't exactly know what he really wanted. Rest in peace Shadow...


Blogger Ernie said...

You should buy the town and call it Miketown, you could be the sheriff.

Actually I didn't buy vero on ebay but I found free nights at the hotel on ebay for my summer vacations. Ebay ROCKS !


April 16, 2006 10:21 p.m.  
Blogger Ernie said...

Mike we need more updates!

April 20, 2006 9:14 a.m.  

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