Sunday, December 24, 2006

KinFit #13 & Team Canada goes for three peat!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far. Go check out KinFit Episode 13 if you already haven't, this week Tiffany gives us some healthy holiday eating tips and our friend Jordan joins us on FitTip to do a 101 ski workshop for beginners. Be sure to check out our special bloopers episode next week. It's a compilation of all our bloopers from this year, most that were never shown. Should be a good laugh!

In other news, Team Canada's National Junior team is off to Sweden to try and win its 3rd straight Gold medal. Tournament starts Tuesday (Boxing Day) vs host nation Sweden. We got 11 returning players from last years championship team so we should be in fine shape but the US have a strong team this year and are one of the heavy favorites. All the games will be broadcasted on TSN (check schedule) but it you don't have TSN don't worry, for the first time TSN will broadcast all Team Canada games live for free on their website (streaming video) so you can watch it online on your computer!! GO CANADA GO!!

Thats it for now, happy holidays!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Super President Lance Armstrong and

I found this Robot Chicken skit on YouTube of Lance Armstrong becoming Super President of France after winning his 7th Tour de France. It's hilarious and I can't seem to get enough of it so I thought I'd post the video below for everyone haha...

Tiffany and I are currently working on our special Christmas edition of KinFit which will be out next Monday. For that episode we're going to have some friends helping us out and we'll have an indepth Ski workshop/report for everyone so be sure to check back next week for it!! For now check out our latest episode(Ep12) (one of our best episodes to date) on the YouTube vid below or go to for the other formats and Show Notes.