Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maple Leafs - Losers since '67

Before I go ranting about how much I hate the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans, I'd just like to remind everyone to check out KinFit Episode 9 if you haven't. In our halloween episode, we update you on My Food Phone, show you how to do a proper lunge, some pumpkin cooking tips for your halloween party, and I dressed up like the Mac guy from those Get a Mac ads...

So the Habs lost to the Leafs last night in shootout, which sucked especially since I was at the game and had to listen to stupid Leaf fans afterwards. It's never great when you lose at home to one of your most hated rivals but it was only a shootout lost and it wasn't like they whooped our butts the same way Ottawa whooped theirs earlier in the week (6-2 and 7-2), so I would like to remind all those Maple Laugh fans out there that the Leafs still suck, will always suck and have sucked since 1967.

Leaf fans are a bunch of bandwagoners, who only come out of their hiding holes when their team wins a game or two and start announcing to the world that the Leafs are the greatest team ever and that they will win the Stanley Cup.....hahahaha...I pity you Leaf easily you have forgotten how crappy and horrendous the Leafs were after winning their last Cup in '67 (40 yrs ago)...seems that a couple of decent seasons here and there have given all of you delusions of grandeur....

So why don't we refresh our memories with a little history lesson...
Total Cups won: Habs 24 - Leafs 13
Last Cup won: Habs 1993 (color) - Leafs 1967 (black & white)
Cups won since '67 : Habs 10 - Leafs 0
Hall of Famers: Habs 43 - Leafs 35
Divison Champs: Habs 21 - Leafs 5
Conference Champs: Habs 8 - Leafs 0
Franchise scoring leader: Guy Lafleur 1246 Pts - Leafs Darryl Sittler 916 Pts
Total individual awards won: Habs 106 - Leafs 31

There are tons of other stats but I figured this is enough embarrassment that a Leafs fan can bear without having to poke their eyes out or jump off a bridge...oh and the Habs also have a winning record against the Leafs. Have a great week...Go Habs Go!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

KinFit Episode 8

Go check out our newest episode of KinFit today if you still haven't. For episode 8 we show you the Geek-a-cycle, cool free exercises you can get online and some funalicious ideas with apples and squashes. You will also notice that I put the YouTube video player on the episode posting, so now you can watch/stream the episode directly on the KinFit site. The direct download file is still there like usual for those who want to save it and watch it later on their computer or video mp3 player. And don't forget to leave your comments on the site! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Addicted to TV...ack!

Yesterday I got addicted to a new show called Heroes. It's another one of those shows thats dramatic, mysterious and always ends with a cliffhanger, kinda like Lost, and by the end of the episode I was like, "Holy smokes...!". Below is a synopsis about the show from their site,

"Heroes," an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

As a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe, a genetics professor in India is led by father's disappearance to uncover a secret theory -- there are people with super powers living among us. A young dreamer tries to convince his politician brother that he can fly. A high school cheerleader learns that she is totally indestructible. A Las Vegas stripper, struggling to make ends meet to support her young son, discovers that her mirror image has a secret. A fugitive from justice continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. A gifted artist, whose drug addiction is destroying his life and relationship with his girlfriend, can paint the future. A down-on-his-luck Los Angeles beat cop can hear people's thoughts, which puts him on the trail of an elusive serial killer. In Japan, a young man develops a way to stop time through sheer will power. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…

The problem now is I am getting hooked on too many damn good tv shows. I'm already obsessed about Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order still going strong, Amazing Race is back, started to get back into Prison Break, trying to get back into Lost (but i'm pretty lost so I'll wait for dvds) and now freakin Heroes. Oh and 24 and Scrubs haven't even started their new season yet....oh boy...I've got a feeling I'll be spending more hours watching tv than working this year hehehe...