Friday, May 26, 2006

Super Mario Bros LIVE and Firefox Flicks

For everyone who played the original Super Mario Bros. game for the original Nintendo, you're going to love this video clip I found on Google Video. Someone does a live reenactment of the first level in the original Super Mario Bros. game. It's pretty well done and funny, check it out at the following link

Here's another site called Firefox Flicks where you can view video ads made by Firefox users promoting Firefox. If you still use IE and haven't switched over to the Firefox browser, I suggest you do so. Here's a couple of videos that I liked below

Meanwhile, we got a tripod for the camcorder and I discovered a couple of hidden neat little places in Old Montreal that'll be cool for shooting future episodes of KINFIT once it gets going, which hopefully will be soon. Anyhoo be sure to check back for more updates

Friday, May 05, 2006

Freakin' Cam Ward, freakin' Ribero, freakin' frigg frigg...

Well now that freakin' Cam Ward single handedly helped the freakin' Hurricanes eliminate the Habs from the playoffs I'll now be rooting for Ottawa and Edmonton, and hopefully the New Jersey Devils will destroy those damned Hurricanes swiftly and to a bloody pulp in the next round. Let's hope that somehow Patrick Elias's slap shot will end up ricocheting off Cam Ward's dingelberries and have enough force left to give Eric Staal a face full of volcanized rubber.

Although the Habs lost, it was still quite an entertaining and exciting game to be at. At one point our entire section and the sections next to us started yelling out, "You suck Cam Ward!", which then prompted one of my friends to yell out, "Who sucks Cam Ward?"... it was freakin hilarious. We even got 2 free habs towels, woohoo!! Gotta love getting free stuff especially when you've paid $$ to go see a game. The best though was when Tiffany and I got tickets in the Club Desjardins section ($$$) at a game back in January. Our tickets included all you can eat free food and a private entrance...woooo...we basically stuffed ourselves all game until we felt like puking it all out, haha.

Let's hope the Habs can do something during this offseason to make the team better, because honestly we seriously need some offence and freakin' Mike Ribero is an underachieving piece of garbage. The freakin' guy probably had the most chances to score or do something with the puck out of all the other players on the Canadiens in the last 2 games but he'd freakin' screw up most of the time. I don't see him back on the team next year and freakin' Rivet is beginning to become like the next Brisbye (Brisbois) and we don't need that on defense.

Anyhoo, I finally got a page set up for our video podcast KINFIT on Typepad but there's nothing really on it other than the banner and adding a Creative Commons License badge. I still need to register for a domain name and Tiffany and I still need to finish finalizing the shows content and go out and get ourselves a tripod before we can officially start doing our first episode. We're also still looking for someone that can help us design graphics for the shows opening and for each segment so if you know anyone that could help us in that department please give us a shout. It's not that crucial but it would definitely help make the podcast look better and professional.