Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tragic Flaw

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. At the moment, it's the sentence that best explains my tragic flaw: my inability to change.

Staying exactly the same for as long as possible, standing perfectly still...It feels better somehow. And if you are suffering, at least the pain is familiar. Because if you took that leap of faith, went outside the box, did something unexpected... Who knows what other pain might be waiting out there. Chances are it could be even worse.

So you maintain the status quo. Choose the road already traveled and it doesn't seem that bad. Not as far as flaws go. You're not a drug dealer. You're not killing anyone...Except maybe yourself a little.

When we finally do change, I don't think it happens like an earthquake or an explosion, where all of a sudden we're like this different person. I think it's smaller than that. The kind of thing most people wouldn't even notice unless they looked at us really, really close. But you notice it. Inside you that change feels like a world of difference. And you hope this is it. This is the person you get to be forever... that you'll never have to change again."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KinFit, CGI Ninja Turtles & Hard Gay...Hoooo!!

Episode 3 of KinFit has been posted and this week we talk about heat illness, exercising in hot humid weather and antioxidants in your food and why you need it. We filmed it at Lachine canal right behind Chateau St.Ambroise where my new work is at. Check out this weeks episode at

Wow, it seems like 2007 will be a great movie year. Just when I'm about to get all exicited about the next Spider-Man movie and the live action Transformers movie, it turns out that they are making a CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!! I loved the original cartoon back in the 80's and the original live action movie from the 90's. They have a teaser trailer out already and it looks great, even has that comic book feeling to it.

Here's a funny video below for everyone. It's a segment from a show called Bakuten in Japan where a comedian called "Hard Gay" goes out and helps a Ramen (noodle) restaurant owner get more business. There are tons of other Hard Gay videos on YouTube so go check those out as well, they're freakin hilarious!!
[Bakafish] Hard Gay Ramen English Subtitles

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

KinFit Ep 2 and I get to meet Scott Livingston!

Hey everyone, ya I haven't had time to post anything lately cause I have been busy working on my video podcast KinFit and playing Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Legend of Zelda on my gamecube. We just posted up our second episode and this week we talked about the difference between Gatorade/sport drinks and so called energy drinks, what to look for when buying an athletic shoe, and some neat training videos on the Nike/Bauer website. Go check out Kinfit when you have a chance.

In other interesting news, next Tuesday I'll have a chance to meet Scott Livingston at his High Performance training studio!! For those who don't know, he is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Montreal Canadians and he also trains Canadian Freestyle skier Jennifer Heil (Olympic Gold Medallist in Torino). It should be alot of fun and hopefully we can get him on KinFit one day!! Thats it for now, have a great week!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chocolate by Snow Patrol

This could be the very minute
I'm aware I'm alive
All these places feel like home

With a name I'd never chosen
I can make my first steps
As a child of 25

This is the straw, final straw in the
Roof of my mouth as I lie to you
Just because I'm sorry doesn't mean
I didn't enjoy it at the time

You're the only thing that I love
It scares me more every day
On my knees I think clearer

Goodness knows I saw it coming
Or at least I'll claim I did
But in truth I'm lost for words

What have I done it's too late for that
What have I become truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake starts the hardest time
I promise I'll do anything you ask...this time