Monday, January 29, 2007

New Life for Sale!!

New Life for Sale!!
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Ever felt like getting rid of your life for a new one? Well this guy (Nicael) from Australia did just that, he sold his life on eBay. No kidding he really did! The winning bid ended up being $7500 AUD which is roughly $6850 Canadian.

What he wrote in his eBay bid was pretty damn funny and he even has his own website and mySpace account. This guy is so random, it's hilarious! I guess you really can sell just about anything on eBay...hmmm...anyone interested in my life? hehe

Saturday, January 27, 2007

KinFit - BOSU's & DSL balls!! And it's FREEZING!!

Tiffany and I just finished taping our latest episode of KinFit (#16) and it was freakin FREEZING in Montreal AGAIN, -22!! Luckily though we were able to tape the majority of the episode indoors so we didn't turn into human popsicles. Be sure to check back this Monday for the new episode and if you haven't already, go watch our last one, Episode 15 where we filmed at the Can-Fit-Pro conference and got a chance to play with lots of BOSU's and DSL balls (check the pic)...oh and we we had a BOSU challenge!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!! KinFit Blooper Reel!!

Happy New Year everyone!! We've compiled a bunch of our favorite bloopers so we hope you enjoy our Blooper Reel episode!! You can watch the flash version below or visit our site for the higher quality version (MPEG4 or WMV)!!