Saturday, March 18, 2006

Microsoft's Origami project & Firefox vs Internet Explorer (IE 7 Beta preview)

For those of you who haven't already heard about Microsoft's Origami project, Microsoft is coming out with a "Ultra Mobile PC" which is a tablet PC with a 7" screen that you can touch and write on, one model will even have a swivel out keyboard for you to type on and it will run on Windows XP. It'll have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in as well. You can check it out on their official website or from this community website. You can also view an unofficial preview/commercial for it that was leaked out on YouTube. Note in the video how you can also use it as a wireless remote for your desktop PC...Now I'm not a huge fan of Microsoft, even though I use XP only cause I still prefer PC's over Mac's and I haven't quite gotten use to Linux yet, but I have to say this is a neat little gadget.

Recently I found out that some of my friends are still using Internet Explorer (gasp!), so for those who are still using it (god forbid), I I highly recommend that you switch over to Firefox, cause it's just such a better, faster and safer/more secure browser. It uses tab browsing (so no more gazillion windows opened on your task bar) and the fact that you can add all sorts of extensions makes it so cool. I even recommend that you dump Outlook Express as well and use Thunderbird. Both of these are by Mozilla and you can download it for free from their site. (Microsoft recently released a Beta version of IE 7 that uses tab browsing but I still prefer Firefox).

Meanwhile my 6 yr old cousin came down from Ottawa this weekend and brought his Nintendo GameCube with Mario Kart: Double Dash and Super Mario Strikers, which prompted me to think about getting a GameCube again. I thought about getting one last fall after I saw it on sale and got hooked on Mario Tennis again, but I never got it because it didn't make sense for me to buy it for just one game. Now I haven't bought a game consol since my Playstation, and thats Playstation 1 not 2, so maybe its time to get one again. If you're wondering why it has been so long since I got one, well it's cause 1) I prefer playing PC games and 2) it didn't make sense for me to keep buying game consols when they're just gong to come out with a new one in 3-4 yrs, and 3) its way cheaper to just upgrade your PC than to buy a new console. In any case though, after today I got this urge to go buy a GameCube($99.99) to play all these cool Mario games but that would mean spending almost $200 total, which I sorta have but can't spend cause I'm still saving up for stuff for my video podcast and possibly a pair of hockey sticks before they discontinue my model. So many things to buy with so little money...ACK!...days like these are when I wish I won the lottery...


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